Through all of     life's trials and tribulations,     I strive to gain the knowledge and Passion of real importance. I have worked in business jobs, customer      service jobs, and currently I work  in the medical field, but it  seems  no    matter    what      job I've     had or have, the  common factor in all,  is my compassion for people. I    love having  the privilege of reaching out and touching people's everyday lives with a smile, a joke, a kind gesture, a gift, and my favorite..........sarcasm.

      Endless    Glow    Airbrush    Tanning     provides a service that leaves individuals feeling Happy,           Confident,Beautiful, but most importantly Worthy of                     themselves (not to many services like that nowadays).                     This service no matter     how superficial it         may sound, empowers people to see themselves in a whole new light (I         can attest as the        biggest skeptic of all). It truly is an           opportunity to have an    effect on people in such a simple way            that is positive,            and meaningful on so many levels.

       We all have        a story               and a reason why we choose to do what we do,                            but my story with Endless Glow is simple.....                 I love         their products !! I do what I do simply because         I am passionate  about touching the lives of as many people as possible, by making them feel beautiful. To me there is no                       feeling more rewarding than that !!