Aloe Gel (6oz)          


Lip Balm Care Products

This product offers broad spectrum coverage. UVA/UVB protection are Paraben-Free. Naawk products are proudly made in the USA,

and have a  Natural, deeply hydrating, non-greasy light application. It is water resistant up to 40 minutes (lotion) and has a naturally

inspired uplifting, refreshing light scent. 



Sunscreen Lotions & Sprays

This product uses a high concentration of high quality aloe that is non-sticky. It is Alcohol, colorant &

Fragrance free, which helps in the soothing of irritated skin from heat, wind & Sun. This product

contains Lidocaine which is an analgesic and provices temporary pain relief.

Lotion SPF 50 (6oz)


  Lotion SPF 30 (6oz)

Aloe Relief Sun Care Product

Spray SPF 50 (6oz)

Original- Menthol/Camphor intensity, with a tasty fruit flavor.

Medicated- Menthol/Peppermint creates extreme medicated feel

 Berry & Vanilla Flavor w/ Shea butter & vitamin E

Natural Hydrating Therapy-Shea butter, beeswax, herbal lavender & a hint of vanilla.

All Flavors   $2.40


Spray SPF 30 (6oz)